Why Amateur Gamblers Can’t Win Cash! Top 10 Mistakes Made by New Players.

Gambling Mistakes

A majority of people around the world would tell you gambling is rigged – the house always wins. These are the same people who have never gambled a day in their lives, or have tried it once and lost a few dollars to a friend.

Professional gamblers understand that the actual probabilities that favours the house is actually not as big as one might think.

Gambling mistakes are easy to make under certain conditions. When a player doesn’t understand how to play or properly wager on a game, they’ll probably make a mistake. If a player believes that one of the many so-called “gambling systems’ is really going to make them a millionaire, they’ve already made a mistake. Any tactic that doesn’t make a game more interesting or more entertaining is probably in some way a mistake.

The word “gambling” here refers to just about any contest where a player can make a legal wager. We will shed light on common mistakes made on slot machines, problems players have with video poker, common poker mishaps, and even problems some players have in the world of sports betting. Most of the time, avoiding errors common to other gamblers is a strategy in and of itself. A player could have a decent chance of improving their success (and having more fun) by simply not making the mistakes we discuss here and elsewhere on the site.

The Worst Gambling Mistakes

Truthfully, there is no such thing as “the worst mistake a gambler can make.” It would be unfair to write a “Top 5 gambling errors” listicle – all gambling mistakes are bad, in that they all have a negative impact on the entertainment value of a player’s bankroll. Some mistakes will hurt more in the pocketbook, others are just examples of poor etiquette that can make a player’s time in the casino or on a gambling website less enjoyable. They’re all to be avoided, so none can be said to be truly “the worst thing a gambler can do.”

Most gambling errors can be categorized in a few broad strokes. Here are three areas where we have found that most of these errors stem from.

  1. Spending Too Much Money

“Bankroll management tactics” is a broadly-defined phrase that refers to a lot of different gaming-on-a-budget tactics. Some are as simple as setting a per-wager limit; others require near-algorithmic math and a few hours of prep before a gambling session. The depth a player goes to control their spending depends on the player’s preferences. What matters isn’t how a player manages their money, but that they do it in some way, even if their preferred method is very casual. Over-spending is a major concern in any area, but over-spending on a game of chance or skill can be devastating. Use bankroll management tactics to avoid this pitfall.

  1. Not Understanding Game Rules

So many simple errors made by visitors to casinos and online gaming and betting sites can be traced back to some kind of misunderstanding. Learning a game’s rules, its pay table or other pay schedule, the betting variations available, and maybe a little bit about the odds of winning is crucial to avoiding this type of gaming mistake. If a player is simply deficient in their understanding of these aspects of a game, they could wager too much, play the game incorrectly and decrease their chances of winning, or just not enjoy the game. We’ll offer basic rules and strategy advice to help gamblers avoid this kind of accident.

  1. Not Having a Good Time

Gambling expenses are entertainment expenses – it is no different from a trip to the Opera or a vacation in Disneyland. Unlike an hour and a half spent watching a movie, gambling could actually reward you with more cash, or at the very least a comp’d dinner. The trick to keeping gambling fun (even when not winning) is to take steps to make time spent in front of a slot machine or at a gaming table light-hearted and engaging. This includes following proper rules of etiquette, not imbibing too many watered-down comp’d drinks, taking breaks when necessary, and controlling emotions.

Casino Game Mistakes

In the area of casino table games, one of the most common errors is trying to beat the house using bet-altering “tricks” like the Martindale system and others. These systems are perfectly fine to use if they increase the value of a player’s bankroll by making the games more entertaining. Attempting to use a system to alter the outcome of a game in hopes of winning a bunch of money is a mistake to be avoided. We have specialized articles for many popular casino games, the mistakes players make while playing them, and how to avoid those errors and have more fun playing roulette, blackjack, craps, and the rest.

Poker Mistakes

Head-to-head poker, whether played in a casino’s poker room or in a friendly private home game, is one of the more strategically-complex skill gambles available. Poker errors are as common as mistakes come in the world of gambling, in part because poker strategy itself is difficult to master. Our advice teaching players how to avoid a poker mistake covers everything from bluffing tactics to bankroll management.

Sports Betting Mistakes

Gambling on sporting events is becoming more prevalent, thanks to relaxed legislation around the world and the existence of more mobile and Web-based contests involving sports. Look at the daily fantasy market now emerging for a perfect example. With new markets come new mistakes. Betting on sports reveals an entirely different minefield of potential mistakes for players to make – approaching sports betting and fantasy advice requires a different set of skills than casino and card games. We have fantasy and sports betting-obsessed writers on staff to help newcomers and veterans of sports gambling avoid the biggest pitfalls.

Our goal is to cover the entire spectrum of the gambling universe. Before a player dives head-first into strategy, learning the Do’s and Don’ts of their favorite gamble will prepare them for playing the games more successfully and (more importantly) enjoying that playing time even more. Avoiding a gaming problem can be a simple matter of learning a rule or a more complex equation involving the memorization of a strategy chart or hand hierarchy. Rather than make the same mistakes made for decades by gamblers in the past, people struggling to get more out of their gambling budget, or just be more prepared for an upcoming trip to Vegas should browse through our archives of material on the most common gambling mistakes.

Venue Mistakes

Choosing where to gamble is as important as deciding how to gamble. The stereotype of the seedy back alley gambler is an insult to the millions of people who gamble every day. The real mistake isn’t looking for a back alley game, it’s in settling for a venue out of convenience.

If you must drive a little further for Vegas gambling you’ll appreciate what you have more when you get there. That’s not to take anything away from your local casino. The experience will be much different. A Vegas-style casino offers more games and amenities than a local casino.

And the same is true for Web-based gambling. Obscure online gaming sites may compete for players by making unreasonable promises. When it comes to finding better gambling sites to play with, there are forums and directories that review hundreds of online casinos. If you are looking for betting sites and reviews of betting sites, the Gamble Rock forums are a great place to start.

Gambling Mistakes links to gambling review sites on the “Other Sites” page. That’s a great resource you should use. You’ll find links to sites with tips and information on how to gamble and many different kinds of gambling games.

Choosing a good venue is important to enhancing your gaming experience. Do your research and think carefully about where you want to play next.

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