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Playtech is an established and reputable gaming software supplier well-known for its cross-platform features across multiple game titles and platforms.

Playtech — One-Stop Shop For Gaming Operators

If you’re an expert in the ever-profitable realm of online slots, you would have undoubtedly come across Playtech — one of the largest and most reputable slot game suppliers in the market today. 

You know a company is legit when it has successfully managed to establish a presence on the London Stock Exchange Main Market. And with Playtech’s cutting-edge, value-added solutions, it’s undeniably difficult to otherwise argue against their position as one of the industry’s leaders. 

Since its inception way back in 1999, Playtech has steadily and progressively focused on developing the best-of-breed gaming products and content for one and all to enjoy. Ultimately, the Company’s long-term success could also be attributed to a strong partnership with a lineup of top tier licensees (which, of course, includes Play88 online casino). 

Playtech Software Solutions

While the Company is well-known for its innovative games and software, it’s the Omni-channel feature which has been the bread and butter of Playtech thus far.

Simply put, Omni-channel offers the ultimate gaming experience with seamless, anytime, anywhere gameplay with the best-performing content. In other words, you’ll get the best Information Management Solution (IMS) platform on the market today with Playtech’s Omni-Channel. This IMS allows operators to fully view and control the entire player lifecycle efficiently from one centralized point, allowing for more operational control. 

Oh, and have we also mentioned that Omni-channel is also cross-platform compatible? This means that players are able to transition across a variety of games and platforms using only a single account and wallet. Talk about convenience!

Playtech Protect

Apart from its cross-platform functionalities, Playtech’s IMS technology is also safe to boot. The Playtech IMS works in conjunction with Playtech Protect — a feature which brings together an entire suite of responsible gambling and compliance technology, tools, and services.

Some of the notable features of Playtech Protect include:

  • TruNarrative: Allows operators to control player onboarding activity and ongoing risk management. This feature comes with real-time document and biometric verification, registration fraud, anomaly detection, advanced AML tools, and more.
  • Featurespace: An AI-driven fraud detection engine employing the use of adaptive behavioural analytics.
  • BetBuddy: Combines the power of sophisticated machine learning insights with the communication capabilities of the IMS to provide a fairly interactive customer support experience.

Playtech Gaming Products

Forget for a moment about the non-gaming components of Playtech, we’d hazard a guess that you’re here to find out more about Playtech’s gaming offerings. Be patient, we’ll get to it soon enough.

Playtech’s gaming applications include most of what you’d expect from a well-established online gaming platform. These include online slots, poker, bingo, sports betting, live casinos, as well as casual or fixed odds games.

Kingdoms Rise

Inspired by the fantastical realm of RPGs from yesteryear, Kingdoms Rise™ is a revolutionary series of casino slot games built by Playtech which includes a whole host of game titles under its banner.

The driving force behind this game suite is the Features Shop that offers exciting opportunities to buy unique feature plays. These feature plays are bought by using the game currency — called Game Tokens — that are won from regular play on any of the Kingdoms Rise™ games. If you’re lucky, you may be rewarded with up to 15 Game Tokens per spin on any of the Kingdom Rise™ games. 

To navigate the terrain of this fantasy kingdom, the Game Suite Map is where you want to be. Pick and choose from the wide range of games on offer and start your epic adventure today!

Age of The Gods™ — King of Olympus

Similarly, the Age of The Gods™ series allows you to come face-to-face with the allfather of Greek mythology himself — the King of Olympus, Zeus. 

This five-reel, 25-line slot game allows players to trigger interesting animations and graphics as they play. Watch intently as your plays trigger lightning and thunder to crackle and pop, as Zeus makes an appearance.

If you’re fortunate enough to land three scattered symbols, you’ll be awarded a total of 10 free games with an increasing win multiplier (up six times!), along with the appearance of a frozen King of Olympus symbol.

But the jackpot of this game, so to speak, is that any spin trigger may trigger Mystery Jackpot — a multi-level progressive mini-game that guarantees a win of one out of four progressive jackpots. This jackpot reward is pooled between other Age of The Gods games for an even bigger payout. 

Virtual Sports Betting

Miss sports during the offseason? Same here, but now you won’t have to miss a lick of good old competitive games with Playtech’s Virtual Sports Betting.

First things first, you won’t actually be watching real people play sports. Instead, Playtech’s Virtual Sports products involve a range of fully simulated sports experiences to enhance your gaming time.  

Their diverse lineup of sports combines the latest market-leading 3D game graphics and Hollywood-level motion capture technology (CGI) with a highly sophisticated Virtual Sports Simulator across a wealth of sports, including horse racing, football, tennis, and basketball.

And unlike other products on the market, Playtech’s offerings are fully simulated, which enables players to study and learn from past data. This is definitely one of the richest and most immersive experiences out there when it comes to Virtual Sports Betting.

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